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About PDC Builders
Joe Mellone
The Laborer of Love behind PDC Builders' Success

It just takes a few minutes to sit with the principal of PDC Builders to understand the company’s success. It’s not just that Joe Mellone is a consummate professional when it comes to new building construction, renovations, or house raises. Or, that Joe has the added credentials of a seasoned building code official. It’s much more than that.

The bottom line is that Joe Mellone cares about PDC Builders and their customers. From start to finish, Joe is involved in the business. His enthusiastic approach is contagious and begins with the actual sale of the project or design. Subsequently, Joe coordinates the architect and engineer to ensure plans to meet customer and code approval.

As the process continues, Joe carefully selects those who work with him. He recognizes the importance of time deadlines and performing quality work. Joe Mellone takes his role as a general contractor seriously. He brings together the trades and vendors alike and works along with them on each construction site. In fact, Joe thinks nothing of slinging a hammer to help get the job done.


Beyond Joe’s personal dedication, are years of experience. Indeed, he is a total package when it comes to selecting the right person and company for both residential and commercial construction.

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